Hole 4 - 388 yards - Alps

The original Alps, the 17th at the Prestwick Links in Scotland, is golf's most celebrated blind par 4. A hole cursed by some as unfair and hopelessly antiquated, but revered by those who know golf was always meant to be a grand adventure.

The original, after a well-placed drive, requires a second shot played over a towering sandhill to a green guarded in front by a deep cross-bunker.

Charles Macdonald was not a fan of most blind holes, but so acclaimed was the Alps among Europe's greatest players that he paid homage to it by making it the 3rd at his National Golf Links. His original rendition is considerably longer (424 yards) than the original, and the Alps mountain much higher (over 30 feet from the base of the hill). Later evolutions of this design were built without the Alps mountain, often substituting it with a rising fairway while maintaining the brooding cross-bunker along the front of the blind green, often sitting in a depression or punchbowl. Sadly, over the years, many clubs not understanding the classic architecture, opted to fill in the cross-bunker, deeming it unfair or obsolete. The Alps at Blue Mound remains faithful to the original, requiring a well struck second shot to carry deep into the punch bowl green.


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