Hole 3 - 220 yards - Biarritz

Biarritz is one of the longest and most difficult par 3's in golf. In 1888, Scottish golfing champion, Willie Dunn, built a golf course at the world famous Biarritz spa in France. The Chasm hole, the course's third, was played from an 80 foot cliff across a finger of the Bay of Biscay to a 50 foot high cliff beyond.
Macdonald, knowing he could rarely find similar topography, began building Biarritz par 3's at ground level. The deep swale preceding a Biarritz green - a "Valley of Sin" of sorts- was suggested by the area preceding the 18th green at St. Andrews. Strip-bunkering left and right of the green frame the hole.
Until the mid-1990's there were only a few greens with the swale maintained as putting surface, but as clubs discovered the dramatic architecture of the original, many clubs extended the putting surface forward. Although forward tees have been added by many clubs, the original Raynor-designed Biarritz hole only had one tee, generally 220 to 235 grueling yards. 


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