Hole 16 - 355 yards - Leven

The strategy of the Leven hole in reality is quite simple.  A well placed drive to the left side of the fairway rewards an optimum approach angle.  Too far to the right, however, initiates a direct confrontation with a steep faced bunker that obscures the tiny green.

Also bunkered right and left at green side, incorrect tee shot placement leaves the additional challenge one of the hardest shots in golf-a blind pitch over a hazard demanding precise distance control.  A bit too timid, and into the yawning bunker you go; too bold and a creek awaits over the green.

The origin of this strategy was the old 7th hole of the Leven Links, the 11th oldest course in the world and Macdonald's version.  The 17th at the National has been cited as one of the top 100 holes in the country even though its yardage is not much more than 350 yards.  Leven holes appear on all Raynor courses, a tribute to a classically designed drive and pitch golf hole.


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