Hole 12 - 480 yards - Hog's Back

The demanding 12th hole plays over a pond and up to the crest of a rising fairway before sweeping left to the green.  Compounding the problem is that a ball not worked right to left may bound through the fairway into the right rough or tree line.

In earlier days when the course was more open, an optional play off the tee was over the left corner of the dog-leg, attempting to carry a series of stepped bunkers built into the bank before the fairway.

Modern equipment and the longer ball has rendered these hazards mostly harmless though they still remain an aesthetic embellishment to the beauty of the hole. A most beautiful auxiliary teeing ground was placed on a small island in the pond. 

The auxiliary tee played on the small island in the pond is the most picturesque on the course.  Many members consider the Blue Mound 12th the most challenging hole on the course.


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