Hole 10 - 445 yards - Prize

During the building of their landmark Lido course on Long Island, Charlie Macdonald and Seth Raynor felt some infusion of outside ideas would be useful.  To this end, a design contest, published in British Country Life (editors: Horace Hutchinson and Bernard Darwin) and sponsored by Macdonald, yielded a number of standout ideas that were used on the Lido course.

The third place winner was modified by Seth Raynor, and used as the 6th hole at Lido, and later as the basis for the 10th at Blue Mound. This design, the essential strategy of which was incorporated into all of Raynor's layouts thereafter, is often the strongest par 4 on the course.

In its purest form the golfer faces a strong challenge off the tee and again on his second.  Careful placement of the tee shot presents a more favorable angle from which to approach the green.  Incorrect placement from the tee on Raynor's Prize normally makes reaching the green all but impossible, turning the par 4 into a three-shot hole.


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