Hole 1 - 398 yards - par 4 - Two shot Redan

The first hole presents the golfer with the clear message that Blue Mound is a strategic golf course.
The green complex is the classic Redan design, inviting a second shot from the right side of the fairway.
To get to the ideal position for this second shot to the green, the player's drive must negotiate the bunker on the right side of the fairway.

A more conservative drive to the center or left side brings the sand pit guarding the inside left corner of the green into play.
In the early days at Blue Mound, when fairways were appropriately firm, the play to the green was often a running approach off the right side embankment preceding the green, utilizing the contours of the ground advantageously will bank the ball in toward the center of the green - the essence of the Redan strategy.

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